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Las Vegas trip


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I love traveling, have been in Las Vegas few times, I planned this trip few months in advance, it was my birthday trip, but my friend had to cancel it , due to the family emergency. I didn’t know, if I should go on my own, after all, everything what we planed was for two people. We played the same game MyVegas to get certain attractions for free, and we paid already for Grand Canyon trip also….we were suppose to split resort fees too, and on top I bought us a shuttle… so nothing at that moment made sense….  I have never been on my own on the trips like that, and especially not in Vegas… to add to the injury it was my birthday too…. but I decided I should go anyway… Prior to the trip I posted on the MyVegas Friends group, that I have one shuttle if anyone wants it, and one ticket to the Grand Canyon for free, I just didn’t wanted to waste it… One lady replied first, but she asked if her boyfriend can go instead. I didn’t care who, as long as someone would enjoy it… so I packed myself had friend to take me to the airport and off to Vegas I went…



When I landed at Las Vegas I knew it will be hot, and it was 35 Celsius there…..  every-time passing the gate of the airport there, to take transportation, it’s like walking into the oven kind of feeling, ..


went to the shuttle which was waiting and in few minutes I was in Excalibur….


I was standing in line and praying to have nice receptionist… but no,  I told her that it is my birthday trip, and I told her about my friend canceling on me due to family emergency, she just showed me the pamphlet, where it says, how much I should pay for better room than the one she was giving me….and she showed me two more times to make a point…  believe me, two years prior this trip I was there on my birthday, in the same hotel, and I’ve got really different treatment, and I just told the guy that it was my birthday trip…  Loly (that was her name tag)  gave me the room across NYNY roller coaster, so I knew, my nights won’t be quiet lol…


but I stopped worrying about anything, I made up my mind that I was going to enjoy my trip anyway….

So my first stop was my room, I left my stuff there and went to the Luxor


and there to visit first MLife booth, to redeem my reward for their  Lunch Buffet (from MyVegas game my first reward), and I must say I really love Luxor people, they’re always nice…. they even let me spin the birthday wheel, one day earlier.. the wheel has nomination from 5 dollars to 100 and for a second it looked like it will stop on 100 but it had to move a little further and it landed on 5 … but heck I didn’t have this money to play with now I have had it… because time was an essence, I went first to the buffet, I was little disappointed because I was ok with this buffet until that day… maybe  I came too late, and everything wasn’t fresh anymore… but I ate it,  and wasn’t hungry, so I can’t complain…. After that, I went to the casino to play my 5 dollars, and of course I needed to find my machine, which is Gorilla Chief… I will say that much, I went out of the casino with more than 5 dollars… not too much but more…

Because, I have had other plans, for the evening and it was already like 5 pm… I went to see Mandalay Bay and Luxor to make few pictures…. but was too exhausted from traveling, and after eating and walking I felt like taking a nap… I was enjoying the view of roller coaster going up and down, and people screaming their heads off, yes I could hear them very well… If you’re planning to go to this hotel, and want to sleep sometimes, ask for no NYNY view, because there is no sound proof rooms there…. on that side…

That day I have had one more attraction, it was Helicopter NIGHT FLIGHT by Maverick my second reward for points in MyVegas game… including the picture, which was another reward…. this reward was very hard to get, and thanks to nice guy from MyVegas group, Matt, I had my dream to come true…. my flight….The flight was at 8:30 pm so it was dark… at 7:45 pm the shuttle from Maverick came and took us to the airport. There we were greeted with champagne, and we were put in groups, and met our pilot. The first thing they did , they were making pictures of us with the helicopter… I made the picture with pilot too lol… after that the pilot showed us our seats, and off we went… the view was spectacular…


the pilot was great, he was so young, but really good at flying…. Las Vegas in the night is alive… My birthday flight I would never forget… This flight was over the strip at night, so we saw all the hotels, and attractions, from above, and with all the lights Vegas has to offer… it was better than the best Christmas tree… When we landed, the shuttle was already waiting to take us back to the hotel… I highly recommend this flight to anyone!!!!

The next day, I had planned the Grand Canyon by Greyline, so after being dropped at the hotel and it was after 10 pm…. I went to bed, because next morning I needed to wake up at 6am… yes, Vegas and waking up that early, doesn’t sound like fun… but yes I had too, the night before Grand Canyon trip, I sent a note to the lady whose boyfriend was suppose to go with me to Grand Canyon… she sent me the picture of him, so that was it… my first day was done…


I woke up early, went to eat, and bought me few sandwiches, as the trip to Grand Canyon was suppose to take about 14 hours of my day…. I like to be prepared  with anything, even though it was saying that water and some lunch is included in the price, and I must say I found a great deal 79 USA dollars per person…. I went to wait at Rotunda for a bus, and of course unknown man called Lee…. when I saw him, he smiled, and came to see me we introduce our self, and the first question he had, he was asking if today was my birthday … to which I replied …that yes indeed it is today…. he smiled, and he said that it is his birthday also… that made my day right there… and his girlfriend couldn’t come because they’re expecting the baby…. so now I knew why she didn’t come… and from that moment, I knew my birthday was going to be special… because who meets on the birthday someone who is having a birthday also… someone worked on that day, so I won’t feel alone.. We started at the hotel proceeded to the depot of the buses, were we were put in the groups, in the new buses, and from there we were on our way to the Grand Canyon… The bus driver was funny MR T, T was standing for time… he told us to be always on time, and  if not UBER will make some money… it”s a joke nowadays in Las Vegas…. I have heard that the bus driver left people stranded, but I learnt on this trip, that if you listen to the driver who says to be on time… you will never be left out… he after all doesn’t have few passengers, but about 51 of us, he can’t change all schedule because someone is too late… and they were told few times, before going out of the bus, what time they have to be back…. so the first stop was McDonald of course, so people will eat some breakfast…and btw the bus has some internet connection too, so I have had few minutes with my daughter and my grandson which MADE the day even better, seeing them on Facebook messenger and seeing them on the camera was priceless…  The next stop was Hoover Dam


This stop was for 20 minutes but it was enough time for me….

After that we went to Kingsman where we had paid lunch, it was good for the money, and there was a few choices, and finally from there we went to the Grand Canyon, where we had: one hour at Mother Point, and one hour at Bright Angel lodge, the views were spectacular…. it was worth it…


Our driver was great and funny. Yes we spent 14 hours all together on the bus, but I would do it again… so no complain, and no one was left at the Canyon, or anywhere. One note if people are on time when the driver says to be, no one ever would be left…. I would recommend Greyline anytime…. The trip ended by bus driver taking us to the hotels, and I was tired as hell, so I didn’t go to Paris to take the birthday ticket to the Eiffel tower, for some reason I thought that clerks there would be understanding, that few hours later can do the difference… and I went to bed thinking  next day needed to be slower…


Woke up pretty early, and excited from all the things that happen in those two days… I am not a gambler, so I went to see the hotels, first on my stop list was Paris to see if I can get still ticket for my birthday… on the way there I went to few hotels I stopped at Aria Buffet for brunch, this was another reward I have had for playing MyVegas….


It was funny it was my second buffet as SOLO, but this one has funny story, I love the buffet, so I could go for second, or third time to get something…. so I went for the second…. and as I was coming back, I saw my  table cleaned, and my deserts gone, and it was ready for new people… so I asked the waitress, what happen, she felt bad she apologized, but I told her that it is ok, as long as she won’t clean my table again, until I go out the door… as I was finally leaving she came and asked, if I am leaving …I smiled and said yes… This Buffet never fails, they have great fresh food and I would recommend this one to everyone…

and at the end of Aria’s visit, I had to visit one of the fountains they have, I love how the water runs on those walls


Next I went to  Cosmopolitan…. I didn’t see so many art like this anywhere, maybe that was my taste, but when I went to the lobby I could seat there for hours…


after that, I needed to see THE CHANDELIER BAR, it is superb…. 3 floors of bars covered with crystals….


Next stop was Paris Tower for  my birthday ticket, but the attendant there, said because I was late about 9 hours he can’t issue ticket for me… heck learnt my lesson, could have gone on the Duce, to take the ticket….To those who don’t know, on your birthday, at Paris Tower in Las Vegas, you get the ride the Eiffel tower for free, but don’t be late even few minutes because they give it ONLY on birthday


Walking down the strip I went to visit flamingos at Flamingo hotel…

and went to Secret Garden at Mirage … I needed a little of nature this time… love this garden, but I think animals should stay free, the same with dolphins…

at the end I went on the DUCE to Stratosphere, to see how people risk their life… with all attractions at the top of it… no I wouldn’t try, that one but the view was great..


….and I must say, if you go there, go in the night time, Vegas comes alive and looks completely different than in a daytime…. the last stop that day was Fremont street,


where I made a picture with Million dollars, looked at the interesting individuals there, ….I didn’t do zipline, because I have already done it… and went back to the strip or rather to hotel to sleep…


The day after that, I planed visiting Venetian hotel and Madam Tussauds (wax museum) another free reward I’ve had… but first I went to Wynn for breakfast, their buffet is excellent, everything was fresh and yummy, and the best thing, no one cleaned my table there, while I went for second and third portion lol….


I must say I have been to many buffet there and I would put WYNN at the same category as BACCHANAL at Ceasar Palace…. they are the best, I haven’t been yet to WICKED SPOON at Cosmopolitan but this one I reserved for my last trip to Vegas in September…

and at the exit of Wynn, I found my new love, meaning fountain, which is like mini Bellagio…. I just love it,….


and I won few bucks on the Big Bang Theory machine…after that I went to Venetian canals, I love them, even though they stink with chlorine…. the singing there I must say would need some improvement LOL….


Madam Tussauds changed a little, there was no scary part they have had, other than that, for me Dean Martin was the man …I must be very old, if I know who he is…


last thing that day, I went to see, was the Bellagio, and their fountain, it was great day, temp were 35 Celsius…. found my new spot to make pictures, the opposite of Bellagio, just looking at Paris instead… and my fountain got a rainbow… for the first time for me…


so I went to take few more pictures, of the hotels and attractions like LINQ High Rroller


and the day was over for me, I think those few days, of non stop going, caught up with me… I needed to, either seat and play machines, or just sleep some…


On the last day, I made time to met Lee’s girlfriend, the lady who asked for the ticket to Grand Canyon, for her boyfriend, Mariefe, they are very nice couple :))) and they live close to me, so I hope we will keep in touch…. first I checked out of my hotel, as I wouldn’t be able to do that later, because I wanted to meet the couple… I did it the short version meaning on their computers… at least I didn’t have to deal with Loly…. after that we met at Excalibur, and from there we went on the DUCE to Paris hotel and Venetian, but my back was telling me to sit down… so we parted right there… I went on the bus and came to the bus stop at Monte Carlo… thought I would give the ticket I bought to someone, it was 24 hours ticket… and no one wanted it for free, I thought what is wrong with people… so I put the ticket on the bench, maybe someone finally saw that I really didn’t want money, and took it.. hopefully… I know people in Vegas are reluctant when someone is telling them it’s free, but heck did I look like a hustler of any kind? lol

Spent few hours at the hotel, while there my daughter told me to play with my last money, so I did… and I won, not too much, but for me, if I am coming from the casino with money I didn’t have, it’s a great day… my flight was delayed but at least not canceled… so the whole trip was great, even for being SOLO…

On the last note…

Tried all kind of transportation for free.starting from
Mandalay Bay-Luxor-Excalibur tram…
Monte Carlo-Aria- Bellagio tram
and Treasure Island to Mirage tram (this one is the oldest kind)
so that was fun… it shortens always your walk? but do they?… to access any of them, sometimes it’s long way to go there… but it’s free..

If you go to Las Vegas have fun there :)))

PS I will post every hotel , attraction pics here soon I have tons of them, and notes about all of it… if you love stuff for free play MyVegas game I am proof that you’ll get free stuff… and I am thankful for that….

Vancouver morning view


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dscn4440aToday was very bluish morning, I couldn’t stop staring at it, through the window… finally I got up, and tried to make a picture of what I saw, but even a picture wouldn’t show what I have seen…. that’s a bad version of it…

Vancouver is a great city, with so many attractions, not mentioning the attractions around the city, there is so many ….  You can see from this picture Canada Place with those 5 white SAILS which are iconic landmark in Vancouver, and is supposedly recognizable anywhere in the world.

Then you can also see Harbour Center, the kind of rounded ball on top of the building with antenna like needle… that’s  the revolving Restaurant and LOOK OUT deck with 360-degree view… If you visit restaurant, you will seat at the table, eating and watching all panoramic views, as the restaurant will slowly move  360 degrees…..

But all that I will show one by one, because there is so much to see, for now I showed you my view from my window, and the other view of mine is of North Vancouver and mainly North shore… mountains in particular… and I love them… Those are Two Lions my Mom loved so much…


All photography is mine I just love catching a second of my life ….

To all have a great day 🙂

Vancouver in my eyes

Here I will have few pictures of Vancouver and around area. I will also post some pictures from my trips to the other cities. I hope that when you visit Vancouver, it will help you, to see the best places…..and we have few too many to mention… like Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth park, Vandusen garden, Vancouver Aquarium, Gastown, Canada Place, Chinatown. Cloud Nine (the revolving restaurant with panorama view of whole Vancouver) …. and many more…. I will slowly show you one at the time… so stay tuned…